A winter glimpse of Mount Falakro

Mountain Falakro is the highest mountain complex of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, northern Greece. It is situated in the center of the prefecture of Drama and consists of a cluster of three volumes: the northwest with its highest peak the «Holy Spirit» and altitude 1,629 m (5,344 ft), the southwest with its highest peak the «Saint Paul» on altitude of 1,768 m (5,800 ft) and the east with the highest peak «Prophet Elias» on 2,232 m (7,323 ft), surrounded by the peaks «Vardena» and «Chionotrypa».

A mountaineering shelter is operating in the ski center of Falakro, which is located in the plateau of «Holy Spirit», at an altitude of 1,720 m (5,643 ft). Unfortunately, during the last years there have occurred some problems that hindered the operation of the ski center.

The north side of Mount Falakro (Photo © Chech Explorer)

From Mount Falakro passes the European Hike Trail E6. It starts from Finland and crosses six countries (Denmark – Germany – Chech Republic – Austria – Slovenia – Croatia) up to the shores of the Adriatic Sea and after passing in Greece (Igoumenitsa), it moves along the northern border of the country in order to end in Samothrace.

View to the west

Mount Falakro is particularly gifted in terms of biodiversity and landscape. Mild slopes succeed vertical clifs, large meadows cut short by chaotic potholes and forested canyons that end in dense oak forests.

The highest peak «Prophet Elias» on 2,232 m (7,323 ft)

Hiking in this mountain is something you should definitely do once in your lifetime!

Take a small glimpse of the facilities of the Ski Center which is hosted on the slopes of the mountain.

Location of Mount Falakro in Greece

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