Athens Adventure Film Festival 2016

Everyday more people all over the world turn to nature seeking meaning and a better quality life. At the same time, movie makers follow the same path capturing such stories and bringing them to new audiences.

Athletes, filmmakers, producers, and outdoor-gear firms have worked together to present us with unrivalled movie productions – experiences. The focal point of these productions is the broad spectrum of activities deriving from the human body and mental aptitude, which can turn natural elements into a boundless adventure terrain.

Through the screening of such productions and other coinciding activities, we aspire to nurture a welcoming environment for adventure sports’ professionals and enthusiasts to meet, discuss, and find ways to further develop our much loved activities. We also wish to promote environmental consciousness to broader audiences.

These are the pillars on which the Adventure Film Festival was founded and is still based today.

The Adventure Film Festival is the sole Greek film festival dedicated to the exciting world of adventure sports. Dreams and the unceasing urge for discovery are the motives. Endurance, aptitude, and athletic grit are the means for a cinematic journey into the globe’s most exquisite and awe-inspiring landscapes.

The Adventure Film Festival will take place at Athens College Theater on October 22-23 and includes:

Cinema Movies
Cinematic movies illustrating a broad spectrum of activities where humans use athletic vigor to transform the natural elements into a boundless field of action. A total of 27 movies will be broadcasted, most of them for the very first time to the Greek audience.

Photography & art exhibition
Photography expositions from renowned Greek artists will adorn the common areas of the festival, allowing our visitors to roam around breathtaking, outdoor-captured “instants” of Greece and other parts of the globe.

Speeches / Presentations
Talks / Presentations delivered by living legends of mountaineering and water sports, who have repeatedly reached new physical and mental limits. Their adventures can inspire audiences while conveying essential moral teachings.


Facebook: Adventure Film Festival Greece

YouTube: Adventure Film Festival Greece

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