Kastorio village

Kastorio is a semi mountainous settlement located 17 kilometers (10.5 mi) NW of Sparta, positioned at the northwestern side of Mount Taygetus, at height of 480 meters (1,575 ft). Its population amounts to 600 residents. It has a post office, a police station, a peripheral clinic, a pharmacy, a kindergarten, a primary school and a high school.

At older years, the village that is rooted at the side of North Taygetus, was named Kastania – a name taken from an eternal evergreen tree, with a hard trunk and green leafs, Kastani, which in Autumn gives us one of the sweetest fruit. Although since 1921 it is named Kastoreion (Kastori) by the mythological heroe, Kastoras.

kastorio village and the snow covered Mount Parnonas in the background

It’s natural boundaries are the fountains of Agios Mamas, the hill of Agios Elias, the rock from the side of the river bed of Kastoras and the mountain. It includes the settlements of Kastori, Kastri, Lousina or Mprousanaga and Serveika.


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