Lake Doxa (Video)

Lake Doxa from above

In Feneos plateau, hidden among Cephalonica fir, oaks and pines, there lies Lake Doxa. It is an artificial lake that was created to accommodate the irrigation needs of human activities in the valley Feneos.

A strip of land in the lake comes to the church of Saint Fanourios, while on the hill near the lake is located the historic monastery of St. George. The lake, at an altitude of about 900 meters, the riparian vegetation around, the torrents and the streams that feed lake Doxa, constitute a rich wetland ecosystem with a great biodiversity and splendid beauty.

The lake is surrounded by three of the highest mountains in Peloponnesos ie. Ziria, Chelmos and Ntourdouvana. The coexistence of wetlands and alpine landscape, make the region a unique place for wild flora and fauna and a touristic “hot spot” throughout the year. Οne can observe the otter, a rare and endangered aquatic mammal of Peloponnesos.

In Feneos plateau there are a series of sinkholes. The legend says that the sinks are a “work of Hercules”, when he decided to drain the swamp, in order to provide the villagers with the fertile soil. The large channels were very well constructed and they are still effectively working till nowadays.

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