Mountain Villages of Greece

Imposing mountain peaks that challenge you to conquer. Alpine lakes and rivers with crystal clear waters. Old stone bridges, physical fonts and monasteries built in the rocks or cliffs. Magnificent forests with fragile ecosystem. And above all… atmospheric villages with traditional elements, which attract you to visit.

Discover the secret beauty of the Greek mountain villages, an ideal destination for winter (and summer) vacation.

Aetomilitsa, Epirus region

Makrinitsa, Thessaly region

Kefalari, Peloponnese region

Nestorio, Macedonia region

Aristi, Epirus region

Athanasios Diakos (Ano Mousounitsa), Central Greece

Notia, Macedonia region

Megalo Chorio, Central Greece

Megalo Papigo, Epirus region

Pavliani, Central Greece

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