The waterfall of Mount Belles

This hidden beauty reveals itself to the visitor in a unique green landscape.

The Mount Belles (2,031 m – 6,631 ft) is the natural border of Greece with FYROM and Bulgaria to the east. The imposing mass of the mountain along with the serene beauty of Lake Doirani compose the amazing scenery.

A forest recreation area at the beginning of the trail

The beginning of the paved trail

The abundant waters that flow in the region, the lush vegetation of the low mountain with ancient oaks, maples and ash trees enchant the visitor. Hidden amidst this lush vegetation is the waterfall of Belles, which became accessible for hikers with the construction of a paved trail and a forest recreation area.

On the outskirts of the mountain, waiting for the visitors, lays the picturesque village Kavalari with the scout camp center. High on the mountain and after 2,000 meters, the vegetation is lost and the realm of the eagles can begin.

The waterfall of Mount Belles has a height of 18 meters

Map of the trail

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