Winter ascent at Mount Avgo, Southern Pindus

Mount Avgo is a mountain in Southern Pindus mountain range at Trikala, Thessaly. Its three peaks, Loupata, Marossa and Avgo, all exceed 2,000 meters (6,562 ft) in height.

The mountain has a direction from west to east and embraces the wonderful mountain villages of Trikala prefecture, such as Pertouli, Neraidochori, Pyrra and Drosochori from the south.

From the western slopes of the mountain passes the Acheloos river, which forms the natural border with Tzoumerka mountain range. To the east is connected to the extensive ridge of Koziakas Mountain, to the south to Mount Hadji and Agrafa mountain range, and to the north to Neraida and Triggia Mountains which form the Southern Pindus mountain range.

Marossa peak (2,022 m – 6,634 ft) in foreground and Loupata peak (2,060 m – 6,758 ft) in background

The ascend to the summit is not particularly demanding and does not necessitate special equipment. Harder to reach is Marossa peak with its steep cliffs, which become even more dangerous after snowfall.

The routes to the peaks start from different villages at the foot of the mountain, with the most popular starting from Drosochori, Pyrra and Neraidochori which are located on the north side.

For climbers, who want to take their first steps in winter conditions, the area has much to offer. The high plateau to the north, among the peaks and Avgo and Marossa is ideal for camping and from there you can reach almost all of the massif. An alternative route with several technical difficulties is the ridge that connects the peak Avgo to Marossa. In winter it is very dangerous and not recommended for inexperienced climbers. In the summer, however, it can be done avoiding the steep crossing points from the right and left.

There are no ski resorts in Avgo but the mountain is proposed for ski mountaineering.

The mountain village of Pyrra from above

Our recommended trail starts from Pyrra, a small village with few inhabitants, which is built at an altitude of 1,050 m (3,445 ft) on the northern slopes of Mount Avgo.

Passing a traditional stone bridge

Following a network of trails and forest roads we reach the alpine zone of the mountain at an altitude of 1,550 m (5,085 ft). The road stops here and we continue on a path that goes up. We follow the path until we reach the ridge of the mountain. From this point we follow the trail, which approaches the top in a circular way passing from the top “Kato Avgo” (2,077 m – 6,814 ft).

Marossa peak

View to the West – Tzoumerka mountain range

View to the North

Approaching the highest peak

View to the South – Agrafa mountain range

Avgo peak (2,148 m – 7,047 ft)


Trail Map


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