Hiking Stropones Gorge to Chiliadou beach

Euboea (or Evia) island is my favorite mountaineering destination near Athens. This diverse Aegean island pleasantly surprises its aspiring explorers, as it has a unique natural beauty, with huge landscape changes in a limited area. A miniature of Greece, as i usually say.

An island with impressive, rocky mountains, which host a large number of the rich flora of Greece, extensive plains, olive groves and vineyards, numerous shady gorges with flowing water and trails, many of them ancient, connecting villages, locations and people until our days. But also beaches famous for their clear, turquoise waters.

Today, we’ll walk in a shady gorge with many flowing waters that outflow into one of the most popular beaches of the island.

I refer to the Stropones – Chiliadou Gorge, perhaps the most popular (in terms of traffic) gorge of Evia island.

The path that crosses this deep shaded gorge begins at the village of Stropones in Central Evia and ends at the famous Chiliadou beach.

Stropones is a small village with 500 residents and it is located in central Euboea, 48t km away from Chalcis.

The village is approximately 366 meters above sea level. The commercial activity of the village is focused on meat, chestnuts and vegetables.

The village of Stropones and on its right the Stropones-Chiliadou Gorge

There are forests with firs, chestnuts and oaks around the village, while the Stropones Gorge is crossed by the river Stroponiatis, the ancient river Dirfossos.

From Stropones central square, take the road to the left of the church. Follow the road to the left behind the church, which goes downhill in a NE direction, and walk through the village for around 15 minutes, until you come to a small cement bridge.

Cross the bridge and enter the riverbed after around 100 meters. From this point onwards, continue along the riverbed, as there is no other path.

You will have to cross the river several times, switching from one bank to the other, in order to find the most accessible route.

After a hike of around 2.5 hours, you will come across farmlands on the left bank.

Exit the riverbed, cross the new cement bridge and follow the rural road (right bank), which will lead you, after a journey of 3 kilometres, to Chiliadou beach, where you can enjoy a swim.

To avoid walking along the rural road, you could turn off it at the intersection leading to Koutroula-Metochi, and re-enter the river. At the mouth of the river is a tourist campsite.

From here onwards, it’s a smooth, thirty-minute journey in the shade of ancient plane trees, all the way to the beach.

Chiliadou beach
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