The mythical rock formations of Ikaria island

CNN has named Ikaria The Best Greek Island for Nature Lovers, and for good reason. Ikaria exhibits a unique biodiversity rare to most Greek Islands.

Ikaria exhibits a unique biodiversity rare to most Greek Islands. On Island Ikaria are located some of the most significant natural habitats in the entire Aegean Sea.

Mount Atheras, the region of Faros, Chalari canyon, the area of Plagia and all the southwestern part of the island have been declared as Zones of Special Protection and are a part of the European Union project Natura 2000.

Ikaria’s landscapes are pristine, stunningly beautiful, exotic & wild, and full of contrasts.

The island has an extensive mountainous topography with the Pramnos-Atheras mountain range being the highest on the island (1048 m. – 3455 ft.).

There are green slopes juxtaposing with rugged rocks, high mountain streams, small lakes & waterfalls, fresh water lagoons, hot mineral springs, pine & ancient oak forests, canyons, gorges, caves, boulder deserts, high altitude plateaus and lush valleys.

In general the island supports a rare combination of terrains and ecosystems, both on land and in the sea.

View of Pramnos-Atheras mountain range

Ikaria is a place with a very rich geoinheritance. The geology of the island provokes a particular interest, both for scientific and aesthetic reasons, which makes it an attractive destination for Geotourism.

It includes a variety of impressive rock formations, particular landforms, characteristic tectonic structures and wealth of minerals and fossils.

Take the amazing Geotrails of the island on foot or with a bike and discover its wild natural beauty!

Position of Ikaria island

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