Livaditis Waterfall

Livaditis or Trachoni is a magnificent 40 meters high waterfall near the village of Leivaditis, Xanthi, Thrace, Greece. It is said to be the biggest in Europe of the amount of the falling water.

The waterfall is located in the Prefecture of Drama from the village Paranesti, which the inhabitants call him waterfall “Trahonio”.

But the easy access is from the Prefecture of Xanthi, from the village Stavroupoli which the inhabitants call him waterfall “Livaditi”.

At the beginning of the trail

The main access to the waterfall is by taking a specially configured marked hiking path, which starts at an altitude of 1,200 meters (See map).

It’s a 45 minutes descent into the wild natute. There are a lot of old bridges, tall trees, beeches and oaks and a very rich vegetation.

A fairytale scenery

During the winter months, the waters of the waterfall freeze, creating a huge crystal sculptures, but keep in mind that the access is dangerous, due to the low temperatures and the icy terrain.

Livaditis Waterfall
Map of the Trail

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