Mount Dirfys winter ascent

Dirfys. The largest mountain in Evia island, Central Greece, with the highest peak called Delphi at 1.743 meters. Its characteristic volcanic cone is visible almost everywhere in eastern central Greece.

Winter. Fog, gorges, peaks shine in the light of the winter sun, composing an amazing scenery.

The microclimate of the area, influenced by the “breaths” of the Aegean Sea, creates the special physiography of the mountain.

The snow-capped cone of Mount Dirfys

Dirfys. A wind-flooded mountain with variable weather conditions, frequent cloud cover and many hidden dangers. Particularly during the winter months, where the presence of ice on its slopes is a common phenomenon.

Winter. The view of the snowy cone of Dirfys is an oasis for the eyes and the soul of the climber, pulling him like a magnet in its arms.

View of Mount Dirfys from Elatias forest

Many mountain trails, provocatively beautiful, invite us to explore. Most depart from the picturesque village of Steni.

One of them, with the code name “S1 Trail” starts at an altitude of 450 meters from the Steni’s stadium and reaches the refuge of Chalkis Mountaineering Club at an altitude of 1,120 meters.

Firstly, however, you must pass the “last culinary temptation” of the taverns in the verdant location “Doctor’s Fountain” at the end of the village.

From the paradise of tastes, to the mountaineering paradise of the snowy cone of Dirfys.

The first part of the trail passes through a pine forest, littered with gorse, bearberry bushes, heather, Kermes oaks and a multitude of other plants, and meets a dirt road after a few minutes’ walk.

The beginning of the trail

Turn left, following the marks, and, within 50 minutes, you will come across the Sykamino spring, flowing from the foot of a small rock.

During the second part of your journey, the trail (which is clearly marked throughout) will take you across a dirt road, through a rocky slope, and bring you to the old dirt road, which used to be the only road connecting Steni with the seaside villages.

Traversing a snowy rocky slope

The spot offers a wonderful view of the imposing mountains of Dirfys and Xerovouni.

The view to Mount Dirfys is breathtaking
Fairy tale scenery

Moving on, you follow the dirt road to the left for 900 meters (pay attention to the marks) and enter the final part of the journey, which takes you through a thick pine forest, known as Elatias. You will reach the Refuge after a journey of around 30 minutes.

Hiking through Elatias forest

Approaching the Refuge of Chalkis Mountaineering Club
View of Dirfys from the refuge area

If you carry on along the dirt road, you will come to Leiri, at the foot of mount Dirfys, from where you may begin the two-hour climb, following a clearly-marked trail through the barren landscape, up to the summit (altitude: 1.743 meters).

Approaching the main summit of the mountain
Standing atop of Mount Dirfys at an altitude of 1.743 meters with the Aegean Sea in the background

Descent to the refuge by the same trail and then return to the Steni’s stadium following the marks of the “S2 Trail”.

Firstly, we follow the dirt road leading to Rachi Syka or Mesorachi. I don’t know how, but the amount of snow gathered on this side of the mountain was incredible.

As a result, the downhill line we chose deviates from the classic trail, which passes through the wonderful Aesthetic Forest of Steni.

In the following video you can enjoy photos from various winter ascents at Mount Dirfys.

Undoubtedly, Dirfys mountain is the trademark of Evia island. A mountain that starred in the ancient tragedy through the lyrics of Sophocles and in our days is a favorite destination for climbers and hikers.

Map of the trail
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